Radio Ads

A radio ad needs to encapsulate the message in your campaign in just a short amount of time. Hence, it is highly important to devise a strategic radio ad that captivates the listener’s attention and at the same time, communicate the message of your campaign. The secret recipe of a profitable radio ad are the following: best media tactics, competent media buying and a well thought of radio ad. Here are some of the basic tips of in making a long lasting radio ad that would make a great impact to your listeners.

Get a cool production and voice over.

Although these things are regarded as an unimportant elements that makes up a great radio ad, these are actually the things that would make an audience’s first and lasting impression because they would determine whether audiences would like an ad or not. The quality of Production and a good voice over are very important. One way of achieving the effectiveness of the production is to enhance its trustworthiness, its ability to grasp the audiences’ attention and to make sure that the message is well absorbed by the audiences given the time limit.

Give them the “What’s in it for me?” factor.

One of the most common blunders that radio advertisers make is how they assume that most people care about how a certain product works than being more concerned about how a product or a service can benefit them. One great way to curb this is to simply put yourself in your audiences’ shoes and ask the question, why should I care? What’s in it for me? Your ad’s message should imply that you have an existing solution to their present problem. Use that in your 60 second ad and rest assured, you’ll have your audiences’ ears in no time.

Deliver a head turner opening

The best opening for a radio ad is one that stirs up the interest and desire of the audience to dig a little further into the ad. Otherwise, the human brain’s cognition will just filter it as just some same old gibberish that one would always hear. Most of the time, listeners would just close their ears. One great way of leading your listeners to take interest in your ad is to hit them early on with an interesting opening. An impactful and interesting point of an ad should be expressed as early as possible.


Serve the main course: the offer.
Now that you were able to successfully entice your listeners with your catchy opening, it’s time to serve them the main course: Your Offer. Just like your opening title, a great ad must be able to compel your listeners with a call to action that is highly relevant, and understandable for most of the audiences. Give them a simple offer that captivates their needs and interests.

Create an Authentic ad.

One of the things that would make people realize about the authenticity of the ad is its connection to product. A great ad should speak about the product’s uniqueness, brand, passion and identity. Authenticity is an underlying influential factor that enhances the believability of a product or service. As much as possible, give your listeners an authentic taste about what your product offers.

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