Carpet Cleaning Guest

Last night, we had the honor to feature a Carpet Cleaning Company in Spokane for our special segment in our talk show. We invited one of our major radio advertisers, Ellie Summers. Our time with her was short and yet fun enough. She was able to plug about their company and have a enjoyable chat with us over a cup of cappuccino.

Unfortunately, some of our subscribers missed out the session about last night’s featured business and are now requesting if I could make a short recap of the things we’ve talked about. What’s all the buzz about? So for the sake of our subscribers who didn’t get the chance to listen to last night’s session, hopefully, this short blog would be compensating enough. I also urge those office and homeowners who are suffering from an eye sore brought about by dirty carpets and dirty homes to read on. You might find the best solution for your carpet’s needs.

Q: Can you tell me more about your Company?

A: Yes we are a Spokane locally owned Carpet Cleaning business that has been fully operational in providing clean carpets to satisfied customers all over Spokane Area for more than 20 years. It amazes me how my dad’s simple endeavor motivated him to start his own carpet cleaning business from his humble beginnings in 1996. Ever since then, my family’s business kept expanding as we not only cater homes, but also small offices and big establishments. We’ve been thoroughly consistent in providing the best carpet cleaning service to our long term customers in and around the area.

Q: What makes you stand out from all the other Carpet Cleaning Companies in Spokane?

A: I honestly believe that all Carpet cleaning companies are created equal, but only the legends make a mark. There are so many companies out there who make promising claims of affordable and quality service, but they actually fail in delivering the best results based on the client’s expectations. Here’s a useful tip though that would help you decide which carpet cleaning companies you should hire. Ask them first for the type of Professional Training and Certifications that they had. In all fairness, I can actually support our claim of being the experts in carpet cleaning not only because of our 5 Star ratings, but also because we hold a certification by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. So aside from cleaning your carpets like we would normally do, we also do our best to restore and repair it whenever necessary. This gives the best value for your money’s worth.

Q: What do customers love about your Carpet Cleaning Services?

A: We bring top priority to Customer Satisfaction above anything else. We pride ourselves with getting the best value and service for our customers by making sure that their needs and expectations are met. We understand that Carpet Cleaning would cost a lot that is why we do our best to make the prices for our service affordable as much as possible. Our Customers also love our fast, responsive and friendly Customer Service which gives us an edge over other companies.

To know more about this 5 star Carpet Cleaning Company, visit them online.